Google’s Call Only Campaigns for Medical Office Marketing

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Google's Call Only Campaigns for Medical Office Marketing With the huge influx of potential patients searching for you via their mobile devices and other searches like "doctor near me", growing fast year over year, it's getting more important to take advantage of how patients are searching for your practice. Whether you work with an agency or [...]

IVR Artificial Intelligence and Your Pay Per Call Campaigns

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Originally posted here: I was watching this video about Google's Assistant aka (Google Duplex) the other day and it got me thinking about the Pay Per Call industry and how it will be affected by artificial intelligence. Obviously an IVR is a piece of "dumb" technology that is used as a part of the process for [...]

3 Pay Per Call Tips Your Mom Should Have Told You

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The super high conversion rate of pay per call marketing shouldn't surprise you. But believe or not, most plastic surgeons & aesthetic businesses have never even considered this strategy. If you're ready this, you're probably in the 0.00001% of businesses that have thought about isolating a budget and or tactics to this marketing type. Below, [...]