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I was watching this video about Google’s Assistant aka (Google Duplex) the other day and it got me thinking about the Pay Per Call industry and how it will be affected by artificial intelligence. Obviously an IVR is a piece of “dumb” technology that is used as a part of the process for many types of campaigns so it has the best opportunity to be transformed & disrupted.

Accuracy of Segmentation

The IVR of the future will be able to present the options in a more granular way. We will shy away from the “press 1 if you’re currently looking for a Water Restoration business” or “press 2 if you aren’t actively looking” etc. You will be able to voice your true intent with better accuracy to get you to the right person. Instead, it will be like, “Tell us how we can help you…”. Yes, there are some larger companies that deployed a semblance of this tech but it’s just not there yet.

This new age IVR will take into consideration the region of the caller, the linguistic style, it will know the persons online profile and it will present options that make sense to just this caller…..not for the masses.

Higher Conversion Rates

Because this future IVR system intelligence is able to more accurately segment your leads, you’ll start to see higher conversion rates & lower ad costs due to better quality people being connected to you in real-time. Those prospects will then have a much higher likelihood of closing into real business.

Throwing Out the Typical IVR All Together?

Gone will be the huge call centers of people making live / warm transfers to businesses too. Why staff your call center with 50 human beings when you can duplicate your tech by the thousands with much lower overhead?

This new IVR system will be like a sales rep for your business. It will be able to “find” ideal candidates more aggressively for your service, present them the option to call and then strike up the conversation mentioned previously. It won’t just focus on Google Ads either. Your new pay per call campaigns will be programmatic and specific to the prospect’s demographic and preferences.

By Bye Barriers

We will also see the barrier to connect & do business with the business be lowered drastically. Meaning, once you have shown some intent, you’ll be communicated on the channels that you prefer like Facebook, SMS or a call. The IVR of the future knows your preference and adjusts its communication style to match (people talk differently on Instagram compared to SMS & on a phone convo).

We will even see bots talking to bots to help setup appointments.

Scenario: You tell Google when you wake up that you need to start the process of finding a long distance moving company. Google’s AI will start searching and make numerous calls on your behalf. Some of the options your bot will reach out to are paid call focused advertisers and some organic (Bot SEO will and should be a future post!). Your artificial self (bot) has thus spoken to a been qualified by the other IVR bots and you now have 3 appointments setup to do final interviews for movers.

What kind of changes do you see happening with IVR specifically related to pay per call campaigns?

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