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SEO Tactic to Get a Rush of Website Traffic Using SEMrush + Quora.com

I recently posted on LinkedIn here:

In this video, I show you how to use SEMrush and Quora to generate an influx of website traffic to your website. This is a good strategy for people who may have zero traffic or are a startup company and new to their space.

1: Go to SEMrush and type in Quora.com. Click on “Organic Research” on the left.

2: Scroll down and choose “Advanced Filters”

3: Type in your criteria just like I show you here but insert your target keyword(s) instead.

4: Find a relevant keyword grouping and click on the URL related to those keywords.

5: Make sure that there is a good amount of views on the answers. If so, make sure you have a good profile on Quora.com with a picture and all of your info filled out. Write a better answer than the most up-voted person with a non salesly link to your URL somewhere in the copy.

6: Do this several times and you’ll start to see at least one of them generating nice traffic to your domain.

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