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Why B2B Businesses Should NOT Stop Doing SEO in a Down Economy

In this interesting time of Covid-19 and the threat of a possible recession coming down the pipe, B2B businesses are wondering what to cut on the marketing front. 

One of the first things that seems to get trimmed is SEO. Why? In my opinion, it’s because most clients just don’t understand the value or true ROI. In this podcast, I walk through some of the reasons to keep SEO in a down economy. 

1: Long Term Investment that will Pay Off After Economy Gets Better

Anything you do now is going to be an SEO annuity for the future. The more strategic SEO you do now, the more traffic, more leads and less reliance on paid media you will have in the future. 

  • Figure out who your IDEAL client is and answer all of their questions ( They Ask You Answer by Marcus Sheridan
  • Hubspot correlation between pages indexed and more leads.
  • Going back through old posts and optimizing. 
  • Find and fix technical issues.
  • Get on video or start that podcast that you’ve been wanting to do.

Note: Established companies frequently use down cycles as a chance to focus attention inward and analyze themselves.

2: Your Competition Probably Stopped SEO

  • First, you need to know who your organic comps are (SEMrush, Ahrefs)
  • Google algorithm updates are still happening. 
  • Continue building trust in Google’s eyes

3: Everyone is online now

  • Your buyers are sitting at home online 
  • ATT study showing internet traffic is up 31% compared to last month
  • Now’s the time to create content that your buyers would LOVE to read, like or share. 

4: Make Sure You Have VOLUME

  • Optimizing for keywords with no volume would be pointless
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